Subscribe to JS events from your Tolstoy Widget or Embedded Player
Tolstoy’s player uses “window.postMessage()” to post event from the embedded iframe to the parent hosting site, for more information:

Example of using an event:

window.addEventListener("message", message => {
if ( === 'tolstoyStarted') {
console.log("Tolsoty Started",
All events will send the event name in the "name" attribute, In addition all events will send:
  • “accountId“ - Your account ID
  • “projectId“ - Your project ID
  • “videoName“ - The name of the first video
  • “anonymousId“ - Viewer ID



Tolstoy Started - Start button clicked for the first time


Answer Button Clicked - One of the question’s answers was clicked
  • text: The text content of the clicked answer


Free Text Submit - The free text form was submitted
  • text: The free text form or date picker form was submitted


Lead Form Submit - One of the steps in the lead form was submitted
  • email (Nullable) - The email that the user submitted
  • name (Nullable) - The name that the user submitted
  • phone (Nullable) - The phone number that the user submitted
  • customFields (Nullable) - A list of the custom fields that you’ve added to the form (each object has the custom key and the user’s input value)


Tolstoy Ended - The user completed to watch the Tolstoy and reached the end


Tolstoy Closed - The user clicked on the X of the Tolstoy Player